July 6, 2012
Who uses these anal bleaching products?

As you can see, this blog is dedicated to explaining the once taboo trend of bleaching one’s anal area. Through a number of posts, we will discuss the who, what, where, why, and how of anal bleaching.

Lets start with the WHO and the WHAT. I guess we should include the WHAT for those who do not already know. Originally, back around 2005-2006, lightening of the intimate areas was only done by adult film stars and exotic dancers (men & women) for the most part. This was done with a skin cream or lotion, and it gave their private areas a more appealing look by lightening the areas to make them blend in with their natural skin one better. It was all for sex appeal. A more appealing look obviously leads to more money and business in these professions. There was not much awareness or public knowledge of doing such a thing at the time because use of this cream was really limited to just men and women in these professions. At this point in time, it was just very taboo and frowned upon by most. It just seemed very excessive and unnecessary although it is undeniable that it really did enhance the beauty of these areas which in turn made these actors and dancers more desirable. At the end of the day, it made them more money.

Fast forward a few years to the height of the anal bleaching trend to 2008. Famous adult film start Tabitha Stevens was interviewed on Howard Stern and E! Network’s Dr. 90210. She explained the procedure and why she got it done. This exposure provided some insight to many people as to what the process was and basically introduced it to the general public. What it did not address is the fact that there are people who have very dark intimate areas compared to their natural skin tone sometimes looking a purple, black, or brown color. This discoloration in skin tone surrounding the vaginal and anal area can be in every ethnicity and can be caused by numerous factors such as hormones from pregnancy, hereditary factors, amongst other reasons. Basically, the body is producing too much melanin (color) in these areas. It is perfectly normal for some people to experience this although it is not quite the desired look that everyone would like to have.

Although it is not for everyone because not everyone has this skin condition, more awareness was created due to some exposure on TV shows like Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian take Miami, the movie Bruno a few years ago, and even more recently in the popular movie Bridesmaids. So, now WHO uses anus and vagina bleaching creams? It is not just adult film stars and dancers anymore. Men and women both are seeing anal bleaching cream more as they would any other cosmetic product. Every day soccer moms, husbands, all the way to the girl next door are using this type of product now as they look at it in a different light. Evening the skin tone looks better and instill more sexual confidence. It may still be considered taboo by many because of the area(s) it is created to enhance, but at the end of the day it is just another beauty skin care product.

The bottom line is that beauty is beauty, and there will be products for everything that anyone considers not perfect. Even if it isn’t about perfection, it can still be about sexy. Stay tuned for the next post where we will address the WHERE.

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